As parent, what do you expect from current education system for your child?

Family, students, school staffs are the fundamental elements of a school system. Parent’s expectation is more important in a student’s life. Expectations of parents also influence the student’s expectation and achievement. It improves the student’s confidents. Today the parents choosing the student’s future carrier, the student’s interest is not important to the career selection. All parents are giving more important to their children’s carrier. Many researches show the parent’s expectations increase the student’s confidence and interest of learning.

A well planned student’s carrier is very happy and successful. The parents are more helpful to the student’s carrier selection because the parents experience can helping the future selection. Now most of the parents expectation for their children is that make an engineer, doctor, teacher, etc. they are focusing only the professional jobs. The current trend of the educational system is government job.

The attitude of the parent from current and past are changed more. Now all parents are very close to their child, they are friend, guide, and philosopher of the students. The current educational system the student’s interest is not important. It is more dangerous for the student’s future that is the students are not interested to study that subject or that course. Those will increase the student’s depression.

Some factors are more important in career selection. These are very essential for the time of career selection and also understand the parents. The factors are student’s aptitude, interest, scope of that course, etc. The student’s interest means the all parents first look into the students interests, and give more importance to their own interest. The student’s aptitude shows here personality, weakness and strength. The student’s skill about particular field is also important for the time of career selection. And the scope of the selected course is also important. So at the time career selection giving all instruction about all courses, and giving the chance for selecting their own passion.

Today the parents are giving important to their own interest, the student’s interests are not considered. This type of parent’s mentality is not good for the student’s career. the major problem for this type mentality is that student are not study well and he/she don’t like to going the school, and involved the bad activities, such students are not get success. So the parents are do not burden the unreal expectation, it will increases the gap between the parent and child. So avoid the unreal expectations about the children. And Give freedom for selecting their own interested field and subject. The decision taking at the last minute is also affected the students career. The expectation of the parents is effecting both positively and negatively on the students.

Every parents work hard to their Childs success. all parents are saving money for the child’s future. all parents are giving good education for their children. The child’s future is more important for both parent and child. The stress is feeling both students and parents. The parent’s education is also a major factor for the parent’s expectation. Today numbers of opportunities are available for the career selection. The parents are the full partner for the student’s education and play important role on decision making. Different parents have different level of Expectations. Some students may be a low capacity but their parents may put a lot of weight into her shoulders. It is effected the students education and life, such students don’t like the education. The student’s career is combination of education, skills, interest, and vision.