Tip of the Week: Word Count

by Jocelyn Ruggiero on February 4, 2014

Never consider word count in your first draft. Write freely- you can cut later.

College Essay Tips with Jocelyn Ruggiero on Better Connecticut

by Jocelyn Ruggiero on November 14, 2013

Please watch my appearance on Better Connecticut on WFSB Channel 3, where I shared tipe for writing a winning college essay with host Scot Haney .

WFSB 3 Connecticut

Tip of the Week: It Takes Time

by Jocelyn Ruggiero on November 10, 2013

It takes time to write a powerful & thoughtful essay.
Commit to a minimum of 3 drafts over the course of (at least) 2 weeks.

Tip of the Week: Finding Your Story

by Jocelyn Ruggiero on November 1, 2013

Ask a friend or acquaintance to “interview” you.
Sometimes, the less someone knows you, the better.


Tip of The Week: How to Begin

October 31, 2013

Read the essay question choices. Then throw them away. You need to begin with your story.

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